Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fables Fanatic

I've always felt that reading comic books, graphic novels, and manga (yes, there is a difference) always had a certain stigma attached to the act, but recently I've changed my mind. I was taking down a cart of books to shelve at the Undergrad and saw the first three volumes of Fables by Bill Willingham amongst the other books. I began to peruse them and got hooked. They're basically about all the fairytale and fable characters in literature and how they were driven out of their Homelands by the Adversary and now live in our "mundy" (short for mundane) world.

It is possibly the most awesome story line I've read in awhile. Not only does Willingham show a great knowledge of his Grimms brothers and other sundry traditions, the world he has crafted for his characters is so ... awesome. Everyone has their flaws and foibles, but you get attached to them just the same. His cast includes Snow White (no dwarfs, so far), Bigby Wolf, King Cole, Prince Charming, Boy Blue, and even non-human Fables like the Three Bears and the Liliput people. It's absolutely amazing the amount of creative genius that's been put into the series and I can't wait to read the next one.

My anxiousness is basically why I'm writing this post. I've finished both volumes I brought to work, and am too keyed up to do much else. I think I'll ride back to my room during break and get the other two I have checked out from the library. However, my entertainment will be short-lived as I only have one more to go before I reach the road block of the bindery. *sigh*

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