Saturday, May 14, 2011

Summer Project: Books Online

Last summer, I had a specific set of reading goals that I attempted to accomplish (attempted being the operative word).  This summer - not so much. Instead, I am going to focus on exploring some of the different book sharing websites, mainly LibraryThing and GoodReads though I am intrigued by BookGlutton and Shelfari.

I already have an account with LibraryThing and am in the process of putting my collection onto the site. I'm only doing reviews of what I have recently read, but I plan to add as I read/re-read.  Hopefully, once I get everything on LibraryThing, I can just copy it all over to GoodReads and the other sites.

The main reason I am undertaking this project is so that I am more aware of what I am reading and to help with my future as a librarian, though I am still not sure I want to go into public librarianship. Also I will miss my adult pop lit class and joining these book communities may help to make up for it.