Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bemoaning Buy-Back Season

The end of finals week is upon us and the season of textbook buy-back has begun.  Now, any college student has seen the numerous advertisements for the campus book stores: "The best buy-backs in town" or "55% buy-back, more than any other store."  And sometimes, they're right, but most of the time you can do so much better.

So here are some steps to get the most money for your ex-textbooks:

1. Check the buy-back prices at the campus stores.  I realize I just warned against it, but just check and take note of how much they are giving back.

2. Check major online book sellers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and  I personally use Amazon because I know its reputation and have had great success buying and selling.

3. Now compare the prices and remember to factor in shipping costs. I also factor in convenience, so if the prices between the books stores and the online sellers is so close, I go to the campus stores -- it's just easier.

4. When selling to the campus bookstores always remember any reward cards or any coupons to get an extra $2 on your buy-back -- every cent counts.

Now, go sell and get some of the hundreds you spent back.

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