Sunday, November 21, 2010

Of Reading

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Earlier this semester, my descriptive grammar professor had us come with a word that filled a void in the English language.  One of my classmates attempted to come with a viable option for the third person singular plural pronoun: "thair." I was not a fan.  The best one I heard was "freeper," a facebook creeper or one who "freeps."

My contribution to the English language was "snack-lit," a term that describes contemporary fiction that falls somewhere between "literature" and form-fiction, like Harlequin romances.  Books that would fall into this category are mainly from those authors featured on the New York Times Best Sellers list, or are often serialized.

There could even be stratifications within snack-lit ala Francis Bacon's "Of Studies" essay: health food, literary fiction that makes you think a little, to candy bars, form-fiction that really only takes a day to read, and everything in between. Dear readers, please aid me in this endeavor to make snack-lit a commonly used term. So spread the word, literally!

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