Saturday, November 2, 2013

Crochet Diary Entry 4: PND Sampler Part 2

After I had completed 11 of the original 12 squares (see my previous post) on the Crochet Sampler Afghan, I needed a replacement for Square 5. I turned to Jan Eaton's 200 Crochet Blocks for Blankets, Throws, and Afghans to find it as well as 8 complimentary additional squares to make the afghan larger and because there was quite a lot of yarn leftover.

To replace Square 5 I wanted to find a solid square with a raised pattern to very keep the same feeling of the original square. After leafing few the book for awhile, I found Block #17: Alternate Bobbles. I thought the bobbles would be an interesting addition and compliment to the original Square 7: Waves and Bobbles. I started by making the square as written, but it wasn't quite long enough. I frogged it and added 10 ch making the foundation chain 38 so that there were 37 sc in each row. I made a total of 44 rows.

After choosing the replacement square, I kept flipping through the book and found the following 8 squares to add to the afghan making the grid 4x5 instead of 3x4. I chose a mixture of blocks that are worked in stripes (3) and in-the-round (5).

Block 30: Shell Lace
Color A. Foundation chain of 38 to add to the length, meaning there are 6 shells in Row 1 instead of 5.

Block 47: Queen Anne's Lace
Color D. I repeated Round 7.

Block 48: Danish Square
With colors D, A, E, and C as Eaton's A-D. I repeated rounds 9 and 10 after the first round 10.

Block 51: Bright Flower
With colors A, C, and B as Eaton's A-C. I repeated round 5 before Round 6.

Block 54: Framed Flower
With colors A, B, and D as Eaton's A-C. I repeated round 7 before Round 8.

Block 70: ZigZag
With colors A, E, and C as Eaton's A-C. Foundation ch of 37. I added 3 sc to both the A and C sides of the grid and 2 sc to the B stripe. Total of 36 rows.

Block 76: Granny Stripes
I made it with 9 granny stripes, but no extra width. The stripes color pattern is as follows: A, B, C, E, D, E, C, B, A.

Block 145: Chocolate Box
With colors B, D, E, C, and A as Eaton's A-E. I repeated round 7 after round 8, followed by a modified round 9: sc in each dc and ch-1 sp with 5 sc in corner sp.

Here are all the squares laid out before joining, for which I used an invisible seam, but the pattern suggests a whipstitch.

My next (and final) post on this project will be about the border because I had to do some modifications due to the added length and width.

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